Plant a tree at Christmas!

Imagine… Imagine this Christmas… Imagine this Christmas after the announcement of the IPCC report.

Imagine what the report says: “We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe“.

Imagine people celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah around the winter solstice, buying all the things we normally buy as humanity.

Imagine all the creatures, depths, currents, flows many of us had the privilege to watch and see in the Blue Planet II. series.
Imagine all the plastic Sir David Attenborough is talking about towards the end.¬†Feel it…

What if, this year…

  • we don’t buy THINGS?
  • we only buy a native tree or a resistant variety of a fruit tree?
  • together with our loved ones we plant this tree somewhere, where we can nurture it in the first few years of its life to make sure that it survives?
  • we lite a candle and sing a song by that baby tree, wishing for the best?

Imagine this… How does it feel?

Plant a tree this Christmas with your loved ones!
Watch Blue Planet II. during the holiday season together!
You will LOVE it if you haven’t seen it yet!
Watch it again if you have seen it already!

Take pictures and post them, use #plantatreeatchristmas !

Imagine a lot of people not buying plastic but planting trees this year!
What a difference we could make in just one Christmas!
Doesn’t it give you goosebumps imagining it?

What a joy it might be for the Earth, for the next generations, for our very own selves!

Vermiculture experience

Worms, kitchen waste, worm compost, soil

Vermiculture is an absolutely simple and amazing solution in a garden. Not only it turns kitchen waste into animal manure but very easy to set up, handle and maintain. For a permaculturist, who do not have the time and energy to handle larger animal stocks (eg. chicken, rabbits, sheep, goats), worms can contribute to garden life with their manure in a low-labour-need way from the point of view of the gardener.

It is also a great thing in flats, small houses, small-scale permaculture spots.

Click here to see how to set up vermiculture in the garden or in a flat.

Building a little pond from truck tires, aka community creation of water habitat in our garden

REGINA Garden is a relatively dry space with mostly sandy soil. In the process of garden development we have been trying to create new habitats for creatures to move in. Our intention is always to help nature to increase its biodiversity.

So in the framework of a permaculture training we have created this nice new habitat from a large truck tire. It was a lovely community upcycling experience.

Click here to learn about the process via pictures.